This is the retail web site for Films Around the World, Inc. (  All of our DVDs are manufactured to order in the United States either by the Create Space division of, or by two other manufacturers.  Distribution is exclusively digital; we do not directly sell to the "brick and mortar" stores. All of our DVDs begin with our copyrighted and trademarked "Mr. FAT-W" logo and spinning globe animations.  The links on the pages on this site go directly to, which will ship the DVDs to you throughout the world.  You can also order them through our wholesale customers such as,, and, as well as through hundreds of  web sites which sell DVDs, such as, Barnes&,,,, and 

There are brief descriptions of the movies and television programs on that the links will take you to, as well as many helpful reviews.  There is more detailed information on the Films Around the World, Inc. web site.   


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